Free Security Training: Introduction to Working Remotely

According to a survey by OpenVPN, 36% of organizations experienced a security incident caused by the actions of a remote employee. Watch this easy-to-understand video and learn how you can take steps to protect yourself, your business, and your loved ones.
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Get work from home guides and policies!
Work From Home Guides
Remote Work Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines templates
Receive printable graphics for your employees!
"Do's and Don'ts" poster with employee security tips
Need basic training? Get no-cost security training for your entire staff!
Free cybersecurity awareness training course for all employees
Get access to an exclusive Facebook group!
Private Facebook Group
Membership includes free access to our private Facebook group.
See how your employees handle a phishing email! Would they fall for it?
Initial assessment of overall employee security
Dedicated support to help you through the process!
Dedicated Support
A dynamic and talented technical team ensures you have the support that you need
Complimentary security awareness resources to empower you and your team to work from home, securely
"During these temporary work from  home situations, it's vital not to let the precautions intended to protect the physical health of a company’s staff turn into a threat to its cybersecurity posture."
- Scott Barlow | VP, Global MSP at Sophos
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